WordPress admin creation through phpmyadmin not working


So I have searched extensively on this, but all the answers do not work for me.
I bought a website from someone, he installed it on my hosting, but did not provide me with the admin login. He is now MIA.
So following some things I found on a google search, I added an admin user, (MD5) password and gave it access to everything. (the exact one is found here: https://wpengine.com/support/add-admin-user-phpmyadmin/)
This does not allow me to log in still.

So I changed the admin email and tried to use the “forgot my password”. It says an email is sent, but it never shows up.

I then changed the current admin password (again assuring it was MD5).
When none of this worked I even tried a wordpress “backdoor” I found. Nada.

Is there any other methods to adding a user or admin user besides the things I’ve listed as tried above?
I do have FTP access and phpmyadmin access to all the files.

Thank you

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