Wordfence_lh URL’s indexed by Google. How to fix this?


I have a problem with one of my websites.

I’ve seen in search console that i have lots of indexed URL’s that shouldn’t be there similar to these ones. It’s of course duplicate content according to Search Console and i should remove those ASAP.




I have many more but that’s just a few. For some reason Google is indexing URL’s that are a script that tells bots from humans and they shouldn’t be cached at all. At least that’s what Wordfence support told me.

The pages have a proper rel=canonical tag and I even tried google’s url parameter tool. I’m not using the Wordfence plugin anymore and that’s why i’m surprised the URL’s still exists and are indexed.

What can i do to get rid of the problem? How can I remove all those useless URLs? The guys at Wordfence support don’t seem very helpful at the moment

Please help me on this. My site has dropped a few places in Google’s ranking and i’m sure it’s been because of this.

Vu Trung Hieu 2 months 0 Answers 19 views 0

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