WooCommere taxes wrong (16% instead of 19%)


I need some help with setting up taxes for germany in WooCommerce.

Germany has a tax rate of 19%.
This is also the default setting of WooCommerce.
So far so good.

I created a 1,00 € product and the cart shows me this:

Subtotal 0,84 € 
VAT 0,16 € 
Total 1,00 €

VAT should be 0,19 €.

This is the behaviour I want:
see “Why do prices change when “Prices Include Tax”?”

I want to enter a tax inclusive price of 1,00 €.
Visitors from Germany (19% tax rate) should see this:

Subtotal 0,81 €
VAT 0,19 €
Total 1,00 €

I found many explanations why this happens.
(Because the “tax inclusive” price already includes 19% tax and you dont pay taxes for taxes, or something like that,…)
But I wasnt able to find a solution.

When I select “I will enter prices exclusive of tax” and set the products price to 0,81 €, the cart shows me this:

Subtotal 0,81 €
VAT 0,15 €
Total 0,96 €

This is even worse..

Does anyone know how to make the cart show the correct values?

Thanks for helping me out! 🙂

Jan K 2 years 2019-11-30T12:28:17-05:00 0 Answers 121 views 0

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