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Ok so i’m creating a WordPress theme and i’m at the point where i’m trying to get a list of the reviews but the default comments_template() HTML isn’t how I need it.

I don’t have a /comments.php file in my theme root but i’m trying to use this:

comments_template( 'single-product/reviews.php' ); 

I don’t know why but it’s showing the default code with the avatar images and that. I don’t need this. Basically I just need their name and 5 stars (using font-awesome). I know I don’t have much code to show as i’m getting stuck at the comments template. Even if I try comments_template( '' ); it displays the default wp template.

This comments function is is called from content-single-product.php if that is anything. It might be important to note i’m building this ontop of underscores, that might.

Would it be worth just coding the review section manually? I’m only listing the reviews and outputting the form right?

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