WooCommerce Stripe payment plugin working perfectly in storefront parent theme but not in the child theme


I’ve created a child theme out of the Storefront theme. Everything seems to be working fine but on the checkout page, there is a WooCommerce Stripe payment plugin that is working perfectly fine in the parent theme itself but when I use the child theme, that plugin fails to load properly. The credit card fields are looking weird as well as I am unable to put anything in the fields. (screenshot attached). When I inspected through Chrome inspect tool, the fields are not populating at all in the DOM.

Is there anything I need to add in my function file etc?. Since in parent Storefront theme it’s working like a charm.

Kindly help me out since I am very new to WP theme development.

, Farhan Zafar 3 years 2019-11-01T01:05:52-05:00 0 Answers 76 views 0

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