Woocommerce – Show Product Gallery Flex Slider in Product Loop


I currently have a custom page template that uses the shortcode [products] to display products.

I replaced the content-product.php template part with the contents of content-single-product.php so the product loop show the full details of each product.

Everything displays fine except the product images and flexslider gallery does not display. I can see the images are there in terms of the html markup but the Flex slider is not initiating. The gallery container div has an opacity set to 0. Hence why the images don’t display.

I can see the footer is missing the flexslider library scripts too.

However when I visit a single product page, everything loads fine.

Am I missing something?

Ch3n 4 months 2022-07-30T10:32:29-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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