WooCommerce scripts not present in wp_footer


I installed the Woocommerce plugin in a wordpress website using my own theme, and I am using wp_footer, in fact I see other lines coming from the wp_footer. And I also tried removing the wp_footer() and those lines disappear, so I am using the function. However, my Woocommerce checkout didn’t work and after trying to figure out why, I saw that there’s not a single script from woocommerce in the footer. Weird.

So I installed the storefront theme (default woocommerce theme), and it worked! The scripts are there in the footer! But then I come back to my theme, and not working again. I’ve been reading the storefront theme code for a long time trying to understand what it does, but I see nothing. And that’s stupid, this should not depend on the theme, the plugin should enqueue its scripts always.

So, any idea why this is happening? (I need to keep using my theme because there’s a lot of work in it, so I won’t start developing a new child theme)

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