Woocommerce Rental Agreement Signing Post Order


I am building an equipment rental website. Here is the user flow I was looking for and was wondering if anybody had any ideas.

User books equipment and woocommerce tallies the total based on number of days, taxes and shipping cost.

User completes order and chooses from different shipping options or chooses to pick up.

Once order is completed, I would like the woocommerce checkout data to auto render a rental agreement and credit card authorization document (that shows the full or Partial cc number) to e-sign.

What would be the best way to do this. Zapier has a e-commerce + hello sign integration but the agreement is emailed and not rendered in the browser.

I found this plugin but it seems a little limited and graphically lacking and expensive https://www.approveme.com/

I was hoping there was a way to use the meta data (total price, products rented, taxes paid, shipping address, billing address, credit card number, expiration etc )from the order and send it straight to some type of template in DocuSign, Echosign or Zoho Sign.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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