WooCommerce Plugin needed or Code/function to do VAT calculations


I am trying to set up sales taxes paid on a product. I want be able to charge zero VAT for a customer from the USA if they are buying for a company, but charge 20% VAT if they are buying as an individual. Also I need to charge 20% VAT for any customer from the UK. These are not physical products but courses delivered online.

I would like the software to fill this out automatically at checkout

I can set it up to charge VAT if select UK in checkout country drop down and not charge if from the US – but cannot work out how it would be automatically charged if they do not say they are buying on behalf of a company.

Any suggestions welcome – I bought a plugin ‘Conditional Checkout Fields for WooCommerce’ but couldn’t see how to make this work contacted them and they said it couldn’t be done with this plugin 🙁

URL below is a dev site where I am trying to get this to work

thanks Pete Rossetti

The page I need help with: https://petetheportal.com/usd

More specifically

The key is if they are a business or not. B2B or B2C

All B2C customers anywhere in the world get charged VAT

All B2B customer anywhere in the world are VAT exempt APART from the UK

Is it possible to setup something which

  1. checks buying from UK:- Yes or No
    Yes charge Vat 20% –
    No ask another question:

  2. ‘Are the buying for a Company’ :- Yes or No
    Yes:- Vat zero rated
    No:- Vat charged at 20%

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