woocommerce offtopic – Select Child Attributes Based on Parent


I have a variable product with three attribute options:

  1. Product Type (3 total options)
  2. Product Color (1 or 2 colors per Product Type, 5 total)
  3. Product Engine (Normal or Pro)

The variable product’s images does not appear until the users chooses a Product Type, and then Product Color because each variation has a unique image.

Here is a demo video I made to make the problem easier to understand:

What is the best way to always force the first enabled option for Product Color to be selected when each Product Type is chosen?

I think the solution may be similar to this questions:
Remove “Choose An Option” on Product Variation & Auto Select Instead

Screen grabs

enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here

(P.S. – It is not clear if this is the correct place to post such a question, it’s confusing as my first post was rejected.)

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