woocommerce offtopic – Online wc-blocks-style.css rendering instead of the hosted wc-blocks-style.css


On my archive page is a sidebar which has a style I want to edit. On my local machine, the style is in wc-blocks-style.css. I edited it successfully and it renders fine. However, after deployment of the website to CPanel, the style is being rendered from an online wc-blocks-style.css. The style link is as follows:
<link rel="stylesheet" id='wc-blocks-style-css' href="https://c0.wp.com/p/woocommerce/6.5.1/packages/woocommerce-blocks/build/wc-blocks-style.css" media="all" />. All other Woocommerce styles are also loaded from this online repository.

My question is, how do I make my page render the hosted wc-blocks-style.css instead of loading from that online repository? I tried looking for the header file so I can edit it there but couldn’t locate where the archive product’s header is.

Kindly help. Thanks

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