woocommerce offtopic – Is there a way to get customers logged out without calling wp-login.php?


I am using woo-commerce. The logout URL is different which includes ‘customer-logout’. In reality it again redirects to ‘wp-login.php’ to make logout process successful.
My question is, when Woo-commerce doesn’t call ‘wp-login.php’ for Logging in, and why does it call for logging out?
I know, this has been asked several times since at-least 5 years, but there is no direct answer.
I am using htaccess password lock for admin area. With this any new/existing customers can register and login without any issues. But, while the customer logs out, since the wp-login.php is called, it asks for htaccess username and password. This implies for all types of users, admins, non-admins too.

Is there a way to Logout Customers without calling wp-login.php?

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