woocommerce offtopic – How to retrieve full product information?


I’ve being working on a plugin and at this point I need to retrieve all product information, including category name, attributes, image URL, etc…

When I use wc_get_product I can only retrieve the ID of these attributes and not the names.

This is and example of the data retrieved by wc_get_product:

    // ...
    gallery_image_ids: [42,43,44],
    category_ids: [10]
    // ...

The content that I need is basically the same provided from the REST API:

"categories": [
      "id": 9,
      "name": "Clothing",
      "slug": "clothing"
      "id": 14,
      "name": "T-shirts",
      "slug": "t-shirts"
"images": [
      "id": 792,
      "date_created": "2017-03-23T14:01:13",
      "date_created_gmt": "2017-03-23T20:01:13",
      "date_modified": "2017-03-23T14:01:13",
      "date_modified_gmt": "2017-03-23T20:01:13",
      "src": "https://example.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/T_2_front-4.jpg",
      "name": "",
      "alt": ""

Looking into the plugin code I could manage to find the controller that provide the product response;WC_REST_Products_Controller, I also saw the method get_item that is responsible to respond to the REST API. (v3/product)

This is the method: https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/blob/trunk/plugins/woocommerce/includes/rest-api/Controllers/Version3/class-wc-rest-crud-controller.php#L136

I could simply instantiate this class and call ->get_item() but it doesn’t feel right because I’m calling a controller and not a service class…
I was wondering, is there a simpler or recommended way to retrieve full product information in the same way as REST API retrieves, how can I do this?

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