WooCommerce Multi-Currency shortcode not working


I’ve installed and activated WooCommerce Multi-Currency plugin. I’m still on the free version but I with that I can add two currencies. This works fine if I try to add the widget to the footer or some other widget area. But I need to have this in the top bar and it seems OceanWP does not have a widget area for that.

So I tried to add it with the shortcode [woocommerce-currency-selector format="{{code}}: {{name}} ({{symbol}})"]. But the shortcode just shows up as text. I’ve tried adding it with echo do_shortcode as well but it still shows up as text.

What am I missing?

, , Aditi 3 years 2019-11-16T00:55:43-05:00 0 Answers 74 views 0

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