Woocommerce Membership synchronised accross multisite


I have a WordPress Multisite installed (single domain + subfolders – each instance for a different country – so multiple languages but for now single currency – euro)

Users are automatically added to all instances (using “Join my site”) – so you can use your login on all instances.

Now the problem is:

We want to launch a premium subscription-based membership (which would then active discounts).

When a user purchase a subscription on one site, he is granted a membership plan. Now the question is, how can I automatically activate it on all instances?

I was thinking to run some code when it’s purchased that gift it to the same user on all other instances.

But maybe there is a plugin for that? Or something similar that I could use as base to build on?

Or some API doc that could be useful? I am bit clueless how to start here.

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