Woocommerce – How to schedule a product for a year. Bi weekly for sale


I would like some opinions / advice on this matter.

So, I’m working on a box to support local foodproducts. And we sell a box full of products each two weeks. We know all dates for the next year. And I’m looking for the best/ most logical way to schedule this.

  1. Date #1, in week 1, the wednesday it’s purchasable
  2. Date #2, in week 2, the wednesday it’s the last dat purchasable.
  3. Date #3, in week 2, the Friday we pack and ship (by bike) all boxes

So, 3 dates for each biweekly edition.

Now, what would be most logical.

  1. To clone one product 25 times and change it’s description for each product. And find a way/plugin to schedule on/off sale once per product.
  2. To have one product and find a way to schedule the 3 dates, like columns and rows for each edition.

Way 1 is doable, but requires a (category) store page with each time one product or none product (if not for sale) This seems empty and not user friendly. Plus the url difference per product.
Way 2 feels nicer. One url, no store page before the product. (on click less) BUT, I don’t know how to schedule it 25 times, with multiple dates.

Now, is there a (free) plugin that does that? Or could I program this? And if so, would you have some pointers how to do this, or what hooks to look for?

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