Woocommerce: Getting Error 500


My site www.apicolacabalin.cl is getting an error 500. After testing with the Host Gator support team, we discovered that the Woocommerce plugin was causing this error. We change the folder name of the plugin to a new one, and now I can see the site again, but without the store.

When I go to plugins, the woocommerce plugin remain deactivated, I have the last version of the plugin (Versión 3.3.5). If I try to activate the plugin again, I get the same error 500 again. Basically I can´t activate the Woocommerce plugin.

Looks like this happens after the last Woocommerce update.

Any idea how to solve this? I ´m not a WP expert, and I don’t want to lose the products and the store configuration. Appreciate any help guys!

, Office Camper 5 years 2018-04-30T15:46:50-05:00 0 Answers 76 views 0

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