WooCommerce – Flat rate shipping based on X quantity steps?


We need to run WooCommerce flat rate shipping rate based on every X items in the cart, for example:

  • 1-5 Items: Delivery = £5
  • 6-10 Items: Delivery = £10
  • 11-15 Items: Delivery = £15
  • and so on…

It’s essentially £1 per item, but it’s in brackets of £5, so 3 items would be £5, and 7 items would be £10, for example.

I’m hoping this is achievable with the out of the box shipping rates, or alternatively, I’d be relatively comfortable writing a theme function, if required – but the client has a limited budget on this.

I’ve tried looking for more reference on the available shortcodes that I can use in the advanced shipping options, but can’t seem to find a way to achieve the above.

fish_r 2 years 2019-12-28T14:27:53-05:00 0 Answers 80 views 0

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