Woocommerce -> Edit order -> Allow to enter higher item price then regular price


I sell on multiple channels and all of them are integrated with my Woocommerce so that orders show up in my store. Almost all of these channels have provision, so the item prices in these orders are higher than regular prices in the store. Now there are two cases I have trouble with:

  1. When a customer would like to change the order after it is placed, I make a modification to the order, and when I save, all prices are changed to regular prices from the store, which causes a lot of mess in the order. I would like to prevent it.

  2. When a customer asks to add a product to an order, I would like to add it at a price higher than the regular price. There is no way to do that now and I would like to enable it.

I believe these two topics are caused by the same thing. This is why I posted them under one question. I could not find anything on the Internet. Any ideas on how this could be solved?


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