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When creating a variable product programmatically with variations, the variations are not shown, not in the product and not in the attributes tab.

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I created an API that receives a JSON object, with that object I want to create variable products (thats the only type I will create), I have followed a few stackoverflow sources

Create programmatically a variable product and two new attributes in WooCommerce

Create programmatically a WooCommerce product variation with new attribute values

and with every single one I had the same problem, The attribute would be created (I saw it in the DB) but it would not show in product or in attributes, only after a added the attribute manually will it show with the terms I created

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This doesn’t help because the products still don’t have/show the attributes/variations and I can’t manually create them because I dont know when my API will receive the JSON and I dont know what attributes I will receive.

There was a youtube video

WooCommerce Add Variable Product and Variations Programmatically – Pricode

That came close to a solution, with the help of the video I was able to create a variable product with variations, but in that way the product did not use the attributes taxonomy.

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Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time and have a great day!

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