Woocommerce – buying amount of pages you can unlock


I’m working on a project for a site that provides videos for visitors to watch and train themselves in a certain subject or activity. To be able to access these videos they must be given permission.

The idea of the site is to sell those videos. Which means the user can buy a certain amount of videos and after that they can select the videos they want to unlock. the amount of videos they can select and unlock is based on the amount of videos they bought before hand.

I know there are plugins like “Pay for post” that will make you able to pay for one specific page.
But I am not sure if it makes you able to buy an amount of pages and unlock by choice afterwards.

Is there any plugin that allows me to do something similar?

, MathyB 4 years 2020-07-17T10:12:07-05:00 0 Answers 50 views 0

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