Woocommerce Booking Accomodation Bundle not supported, alternatives? [closed]


just wondering if you can help with the setup of the plugin?

We have a site with multiple apartments and each apartment has two rooms. The site wants to be able to offer both booking options, for the apartment (for 4 people) and also each room individually (2 people).

How can be the availability of the apartments/room managed and sync?

For example: on the site, we have published Room 1A, Room 1B and Apartment 1: if one of the rooms in the apartment get booked, the apartment itself should be not available anymore.

Viceversa, if the apartment get booked, the two rooms should be not available anymore

How we should setup the products to make this happen?

We also have tried to create a Bundle but apparently the Accommodation plugin doesn’t support it!

Any suggestion on how to fix this?

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