Woocommerce assign attributes to certain variations


I have a requirement to set attributes on a product on a per-variation basis but not have them as options for the user.

For example widget A has 3 colour options, red,blue,green

Green widget can hold 1 liter of water
Blue widget can hold 2 liters of water
Red Widget can hold 4 liters of water

I have variations for each colour and I want each to have it’s own value(s) for the capacity attribute.

Is this possible?

This is a simplified example that gets to the core of the issue. My actual products have lots of attributes I need to set per variation.

The products in question are safety glasses, each “type” has several lens options. Each lens option offers different levels of protection for different hazards (UV,Dust,Impact,Chem, etc)

So I’d like the customer to select their lens and have all the “additional information” show data specifically for that variation.

I realise I could add this information to the variation description but I have woocommerce advanced filters plugin and wish to be able to filter on protection levels.


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