Woocommerce altered my homepage, and I can’t figure out how to revert it


(I’m not sure if this is specific to Woocommerce or not, since the solution may be a general WordPress process.. if it is I will delete and move to the wordpress forum)

I added Woocommerce to an existing site with the Astra theme. My site already had a nice homepage. The shop was to be reached from a menu. Woocommerce installed fine, and I decided to configure its settings. It quickly prompted me to create a ‘custom homepage’, and I clicked ‘ok’, assuming this homepage was for the ‘shop’ page, and not the homepage of my entire site.

Well, it changed the sites existing homepage, and when I tried to change back, using revisions, the pages theme seems to be gone, and a lot of the content(images and text) are missing and now unstructured(html and css seems all messed up or gone). I feel like there surely must be a way to simply undo this one click of a button? There wasn’t even an ‘are you sure?’ prompt. Thanks for reading.

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