WooCommerce: Adding catalog toolbar on homepage


Currently, I’m using the Unero theme and WooCommerce plugin on a custom WordPress e-commerce website.

The problem is that Product Catalog ToolBar feature works only on the “shop” page (a page only reserved for products archive). I want to be able to add this functionality on the homepage, too. I am experienced in programming PHP, but unfortunately I have nearly no experience in developing a WordPress website.

[woocommerce_before_shop_loop] shortcode is supposed to enable me to implement it on the homepage. But, unfortunately it doesn’t get picked up by the function manager and therefore, it doesn’t show up.

The reason behind that is, as explained here, the theme allows this feature only on the products archive page by default.

Desired catalog toolbar looks like this on Unero theme:

Desired catalog toolbar

I’m looking for any code or suggestion answers to be able to solve it. I haven’t done any changes in the source code of the theme so far, please let me know if there is any further information needed. Thanks in advance.

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