Windows Setup: Error establishing a database connection


I have MySQL 8.0.12, PHP v7.3.2 64Bit and Apache 2.4.38 64Bit installed. In theory I have everything that is needed to run WordPress locally.

Through MySQL Workbench, I have tried the Host, Port, User and Password I have set up in wp-config.php and I am able to connect without any problems.

For some reason however, when I navigate to my site’s wp-admin/install.php I get the following:


In my hosts file, I have set up to point at, along with localhost.

In my php.ini file I have uncommented extension=mysqli and extension_dir = "ext"

I also have done the steps necessary to get Apache dealing with PHP files, e.g. loading the php7_module and the AddType in httpd.conf

I also disabled all Firewalls on Windows, but still nothing! I’m so confused, I don’t know why this isn’t working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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