Wildcard forward all posts and pages with few exceptions


I want to move my domain from example.com to example.dev and also set a wildcard forward. I use WordPress for blogging, now I want all posts and pages to be moved to the new address but I want some pages to remain accessible with my previous address. For example:

example.com/post -> example.dev/post
example.com/post2 -> example.dev/post2
[all posts be redirected]
example.com/page1 -> example.dev/page1
example.com/page2 -> example.dev/page2
[all pages be redirected]

example.com/pageN -> example.com/pageN (remain Same URL)
example.dev/pageN -> example.com/pageN (redirected to previous domain)
example.com/PageX -> accessible from both domains

I want both URLs to be used on a same WordPress installation, but some URLs (posts and pages) should be previewed on one domain and some on another and some on both, as explained.

If there’s a way to give posts and some pages URL of domain 2 and give the rest domain 1 it would be awesome. Like, instead of forwarding pages and posts, just rewriting their URL. For example, all posts now are on domain example.dev by default but also listed on example.com.

I don’t know how to explain this exactly.

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