Why theme options are dissappeared after migration


I would like to get data from production environment into test environment.
To be faster, I would like only export the prod database and import it into the test database after drop the last one
This is the process I did :

  1. Export the sql file of WP prod site inside my web host manager
  2. In this sql, I replaced all ‘%https://my-site.com%’ by ‘%https://test.my-site.com%’ with notepad++
  3. I imported the sql file into the test website by my web host manager

There is no child theme, only theme options and images.
The problem is, the theme lost all theme options in test.

I saw this several times but I would like to know why.
What happens technically ?

J.BizMai 4 months 0 Answers 15 views 0

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