Why isn’t my imported database showing up? install.php pops up and adds new tables to the database


I imported my live sites SQL backup into Xampp. I have named the new database wordpress and configured wp-config.php with the database name wordpress, user root, empty password.

Then I went to localhost/wordpress and it prompted me to install.php and I entered site name, user, password, e-mail etc. I then logged in and noticed my posts were not there. So I checked the database and there was a new set of tables added. So I selected all of them and dropped them hoping it would activate the backup I have in there. No luck. I went to localhost/wordpress and install.php prompted me for the same info and again created those tables in the database.

I also saw several posts suggesting to delete the index.html in Xampp so I did that and it did nothing.

How do I view the data from the backup I have in the database?

Angie D'Angelo 1 month 0 Answers 4 views 0

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