Why is WordPress Multisite redirecting to wp-signup.php and how to fix it?


I have recently set up a second blog on my WordPress multisite. The primary blog on the Multisite is www.example.com, and the second blog I have set up two days ago is www.example2.org.

Unfortunately, when going to www.example2.org, WordPress redirects to https://www.example.com/wp-signup.php?new=

On the same server, I have set up a corresponding test Multisite, with test.example.com being the primary blog and test.example2.org the second blog. It is working without a problem.

The Multisite-related .htaccess and wp-config.php settings are the same for both the test and the live Multisite, so that wouldn’t be the problem. I’ve also verified that on the live Multisite I have www.example2.org correctly set in the wp_blogs table, and also it is correctly set as https://www.example2.org on the siteurl and home rows of the wp_2_options table (the _2_ part corresponding to the blog ID on the Multisite).

I would appreciate any suggestions on why this redirect is happening and/or how to resolve it. I don’t even know which file is issuing the redirect (I don’t think it’s wp-signup.php) so I can’t look at the relevant code to debug it further.

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