White Screen on Site but wp-admin OK


I am hoping someone can help me – I have white screen on my whole site but wp-admin is full access and will update ok.

I have done the following:

Enabled debug in config – got errors around headers already sent contact form 7 so have disabled that.

Checked the code in my header file, as it was telling me headers already sent.

Added a memory define on config but it said I had already added it –
referring to the one I just added – something tells me it’s doing
stuff twice?

Checked the last loop i added in a page – removed it, saved and
reloaded – that didn’t fix it (it was working originally anyway as it din’t break the site).

Now I have no error messages but also no visible site. And no idea how to fix it. Can add whatever code needed here if anyone can point in the right direction?

UPDATE: I changed from the theme I am building to twenty fifteen and that loaded ok – think I have a php error somewhere – how do I find out where?

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