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I am very new to WordPress and PHP in general having mostly worked on .NET CMS systems in the past so please bare with me.

So, we have a WordPress site that uses Advanced Custom fields, and Polylang amongst other plugins, to allow field based custom blocks that are fully translatable.

Some of our blocks might grab content from a shared source.. i.e. we will maintain a list of therapists (as its own custom content / page type) in one location, and when creating a treatment, we pick the related therapist, and in code, load the content from the therapist, and output this on the page.

We are looking for a search plugin that can handle this, as well as only return content for the current language..

Ideally it’s just a full text index, i.e. a search crawler simply visits outputted rendered HTML and adds this to the index.

Can be a paid for plugin, but ideally not a yearly cost.

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