Which plugin could help with one time free purchases followed by standard cost purchases?


My website is used for selling tickets for events. Tickets are basically just WooCommerce products, and the theme I am using is eventchamp. The ticketing system is divided into two groups:

  • Yearly subscription ticket (grants the user 1x free ticket to any event during the year)
  • Standard single ticket for an event (grants the user a paid 1x ticket to a specific event)

My issues begin with the fact that a user that purchased a yearly subscription ticket should still be able to purchase additional tickets after the first free one. Meaning if he is purchasing 3 tickets for a single event, 1 ticket should be free, while the other two should have their standard costs applied.
After he has ‘consumed’ his one-time free ticket, the rest of the ticket purchases for the specific events have their standard cost. I need a plugin that would assist me with this.

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