Where is the htaccess in wordpress.com hosting?


I am looking to upload a htaccess file or amend the existing htaccess, assuming there is one being used by WordPress.

All i want to achieve is denying access to my WordPress site and allow specific IPs. I know how to do this and already achieve this elsewhere but haven’t done this type of config on WordPress

I bought my Word press hosting through WordPress and i connect the SFTP to the details they provide. And it appear to be connecting to the htdocs directory where normally i expect to put the htaccess file. However putting the htaccess here does not work. It doesnt do anything.

I did read that WordPress has to create the htaccess file

WordPress automatically generates .htaccess file because it is required to properly redirect permalinks. If your .htaccess file is missing, then the first thing you need to do is to visit Settings » Permalinks page and click on ‘Save Changes’ button without changing anything.

This doesn’t appear to work or i am not seeing the root of my site.

my htdocs:

  • htdocs
    • wp – shortcut with underscores either side of WP
    • wp-content – directory
    • wp-load.php – shortcut
    • wp-config.php – php file
    • wp-jetpack-temp – directory

What am i missing here?


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