Where in WordPress is the code preparing Excerpts?


I am using a plugin for WordPress called Advanced Random Posts Widget https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-random-posts-widget/. I’m a big fan of how I have the widget working for me.

The one drawback is that I know WordPress strips the HTML code from content when creating an excerpt for use. I would like my excerpts to contain any HTML I have in my Post.

I am by no means an advanced WordPress user however I assume the majority of the preparation of the excerpt (for instance like stripping the HTML) is done by WordPress before it even reaches the plugin. I have scoured the plugin code and there is no mention of the strip_tags() function being used.

I assume by this that somewhere in the base WordPress Code there is an area where preparation of excerpts takes place. I’m hoping someone can shed some light on where to look for said code?

I did come across the following Question:
Allow HTML in excerpt which appears to go above and beyond the control I would like to have regarding my excerpts however I feel it is either dated, or perhaps I am not placing it in the correct spot (child copy of functions.php), or perhaps the plugin in question overrides the linked code? I wonder these things because the information in the linked post doesn’t appear to be working for me. In any case, I could use some assistance from someone with more knowledge and experience.

My version of WordPress is 5.2.4

My Theme is OceanWP

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