Where do I find the functions triggered within a hook?


I’m new to WP, but have used other CMSs in the past.

I wanted to make a simple Woo-commerce store, for practice. I installed WP, Woo-commerce and the Woo-commerce Store Front theme and all went fine.

Now I want to start customising the theme. First thing I wanted to change was put a new logo in the header. I opened header.php in the Storefront theme directory and found the div that encompasses where the logo image should be but all I see is:

do_action( 'storefront_header' );

I’ve dug around in the directory but can’t find any storefront_header files or functions.

So, what am I meant to do here? Is there any guides or map to find each individual elements function or PHP file?

How do I find, within the template structure, the elements I want to work on?


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Where do I find the functions triggered within a hook?</a>
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