When using the_author hook, how can I determine the PHP file that generates each call to `the_author()`?


the_author() filter hook can be used to modify the output of the_author(). When using the hook, is it possible to know which PHP file generates which call to the_author()?

For example, say I have this custom function attached to the_author() filter hook, which modifies the_author() output:

add_filter("the_author", "change_author");
function change_author($author) {
    $author = "NEW AUTHOR!";

    return $author;

When I load my page, I can see this change occur in 5 separate sections:

  • Once in the header (from file header.php).
  • Twice in the body (from file page.php).
  • Twice in the footer (from file footer.php).

Inside my function change_author(), is there any way to know which PHP file is currently making the call to the_author()?

My motivation for asking is because I’d like to change the author for only certain sections, i.e. only when the_author() is called from a specific file (my_file.php). For all other instances of the the_author() I want to leave the output unmolested. I’m just wondering if that’s possible to accomplish using the_author() filter hook.

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