When changing urls with elementor the url is correctly shown in the code, but when clicking it redirects to an old url


I recently tried to update the url of a column using elementor. All looks fine when I inspect the element, it shows the correct URL, but when I click the column it redirects to an old page that does not exist anymore and shows a 404 page. Why is that?

The element:

<a href="https://bbqtrainee.nl/index.php/product-categorie/messen-toebehoren/">MESSEN &amp; TOEBEHOREN</a>

When clicking it, the site goes to: http://oldwebsite.nl/_extern/bbqtrainee/index.php/product-categorie/kamados-pelletgrills/

I set my WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL in my wp_config file so they are set correctly. I read somewhere this can be a caching issue but I don’t have any caching plugins that I am aware of. What could be causing this?

Maybe it’s worth mentioning the site uses the woocommerce plugin.

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