What WordPress “technology” would I use if I wanted subscribers to be able to mark pages with characteristics and notes?


I’m creating a site with a large number of pages. I would like logged in users to be able to

  • write personal notes at the end of a page that could be compiled into a personal “notebook.” So like comments, but users could only see their own. And there would be a way to aggregate it.
  • mark pages as “favorite”, “to re-read”, “memorize”, etc. and then be able to use these designations to re-engage with the content. E.g. list pages on the site that have been designated as “to re-read”
  • +1 a counter to track the number of time they have read a page. Then I would want for users to see this data, e.g. percentage of pages read, most read pages, etc.

Can anyone tell me what aspects of WordPress would be involved in doing these things? I don’t want an LMS solution since, other than these features, the site is very simple. Just lots of pages.

I’m a long time WordPress user, but I’ve only ever done off the shelf stuff. I’m willing to learn whatever necessary to do this, but I don’t even know where to start.

[Please forgive me if this is not a suitable stackexchange question. If it’s not, I’d appreciate advice on how to reframe it. Hopefully this doesn’t fall into the “work for me for free” category. Thanks!]

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