What WordPress solutions should I use in a job aggregator site? [closed]


I’m creating a job aggregator site that is intended to collate and list job postings off of other various sites (indeed, simplyhired, monster etc.) and present them in a coherent format.

Its niche is that it’s location-specific with a high level of granularity down to a postcode/ zip-code level.

Therefore, I am looking for a geo-location sensitive solution, that would allow me to dissect and group the job listings by postcodes and job types, and cluster them into regional groupings.

I am currently at the very early stages of research, and I am just looking for a robust and simple solution running off an easy to manage technology.

Worth to note I am not a programmer or super tech-savvy so simplicity to manage and automation are important factors. Therefore, SaaS is pretty much out of the question and I’d be keen to implement ready-to-launch templated CMS solution.

I am looking for the following:

  • CMS: scalable, no coding required, SEO-friendly. Based on my research, WordPress is the obvious answer. What WP version would satisfy my requirements whilst being easy to implement and cost-effective?
  • Theme/ template: Job board style, clean, simple design. Login option. User and Recruiter dashboard with post the job and upload resume functionalities.
  • Search engine plug-in: allowing geo-location search in 3 different ways: by postcode (select multiple) OR by selecting multiple sub-regions OR by selecting a state. Plus, of course it needs to include the search by job classification/ job category type.
  • Job aggregator plug-in: XLM/ RSS feed module with crawlers that would index the job postings from the job sites and automatically update the results page.
  • Automation, marketing-modules, email marketing, analytics: other enhancements that are easy to implement.

It will essentially act as a search engine for jobs with a relatively well-developed geographical search component.

As I am still at the beginning of the journey, I am looking for technologies and solutions that would help me solve the above hurdles.

Apologies, if I’ve got any of the terminology or the lingo wrong. Happy to stand to corrected or further clarify my train of thought and what I am trying to achieve. Your help or any recommendations would be much appreciated.

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