What permalinks do I use in the redirection


I had the default permalink, but then read somewhere, that I should change it to post name. I think the default was in date and month and was https://webyardcraft.com/2022/03/14/sample-post/ I changed it to post name, which is now https://webyardcraft.com/sample-post/
But now since I did that, I do not have any traffic, so I used the redirection plugin, and put source url as https://webyardcraft.com/2022/03/14/sample-post. And the target url as https://webyardcraft.com/sample-post/

Is this correct. I also think that I changed one of the page urls some time ago, but can’t remember what it was.
I have lost all my traffic, since doing these changes.

Spencer Halstead 2 years 2022-03-18T12:27:00-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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