What is unsafe about this CSS?


I’ve been given some CSS by a plugin developer to get the plugin to look the way I want. However, when I go to add it to my wordpress template, the template css editor gives me this message: “Unsafe strings were found in your CSS and have been filtered out.”

EDIT: I have confirmed that it’s the content: ‘\f118’; that’s being flagged as unsafe. Is it unsafe? Should I avoid using this method on my site for security reasons? Thank you.

/*group reaction*/
.activity.single-group .bpsts-reaction-box a.bpsts-mark-reaction, .activity.single-group .bpsts-reaction-box a.bpsts-mark-comment-reaction {
    background: transparent !important;
    border: transparent !important;
    min-height: auto !important;
    line-height: inherit !important;
    padding: 2px !important;
    margin:3px !important;
/*reaction button*/
.bpsts-open-reaction-div:before {
    content: '\f118';
    font-family: fontawesome;
    font-size: 18px;
img.bpsts-icon-img.bpsts-open-reaction {
    visibility: hidden;

/*reaction box background*/
.bpsts-reaction-box {
    background: #5d5553; 

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