What is the fastest way to add/update/delete several thousand products in woocommerce?


I am currently working on a woocommerce shop that will be synced towards an external warehouse system each night.

We are talking about 500 ish parent products with each about 10 childs (variants). So total 5000 ish articles.

What do you guys think will be the fastes way too do a nightly sync between this warehouse system and woocommerce? programmatically, API or automated CSV import?

The sync will do the following jobs:

  1. Add new products to woocommerce
  2. Update current products in woocommerce if updated in warehouse system (attributes, price, stock, categories etc)
  3. Delete products from woocommerce if no longer in warehouse.
  4. Sync images.

Please share your thoughts. Would like some extra inputs before i start coding.
Thank you all.

stay safe in this covid-19 crisis.

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