What is sensible way to schedule an email/notificatoin to be sent at specific time?


I have a wordpress site I am working on for administering guitar lessons. As part of my weekly lessons, I have a live video chat. I would like to send a notification one hour before the chat starts.

What is the wordpress way to do this? I am coming from Laravel dev recently where I got used to setting up events, listeners and queued jobs.

Just not sure where in wordpress where to start for setting up similar behavior. I know wordpress handles cron jobs via wp_schedule_event, but not sure if

1) I need to have a generic cron job that at some interval checks if it is time to send out a chat reminder


2) I set up a specific cron job based on the chat start time.

The thing is, my webinar start times will change. At times I will need to adjust time and don’t want to redo crons. I prefer a flexible way to handle this, but since these chats are a once a week thing I don’t want to go overboard with a cron that is checking things every minute. Just not sure what the sensible approach is to not flood system with cron calls and keep things flexible for changed times.

How would you go about this? Maybe set up a cron to run every 59 minutes (which guarantees I never miss the one hour before chat time)?


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