What are good solutions for Hacked websites?


Recently, one of our website get hacked (guess so). and we come across with various technical issues like our Sitemap.xml don’t work properly and site is not getting indexed (still not).

We had tried all best possible solutions for website security and used similar plugin to prevent the same thing again.

now how to resolve this some unwanted urls are getting index check –




where you can can see various chinese / japanese language pages are there followed by .games and similar domain are exist which is completely unwanted.

and our own sitemap.xml is showing nofollow/noindex in GSC, so how to resolve this?

another point which one is best practice to overcome with the same means

  1. By keeping same everything and try to find out issue or
  2. Delete everything from FTP and reconfigure and install evey plugin + WordPress?

according to second thing, still there is one issue what if script exist in DataBase so once again our whole hard exercise is =0 means nothing.

so how to overcome from this problem?

Sorry in advance for too lengthy description of my problem but I need you to understand exact issue.

Thanks and Regards.

Bhargav Joshi 4 months 0 Answers 15 views 0

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