wc_get_product($id) gave incorrect results

  • Products have been imported with WP All Import Pro
  • Variable products imported correctly (all attributes at place and have correct values)
  • pmxi_saved_post hook of the WP All Import Pro is used to post-process attributes after a single post-import. Takes one argument product_id of the current imported product

Code used to get parent product attributes

 function one_attribute_value($id) {

/* get created/updated product object */

 $current_imported_product = wc_get_product($id); 

/* If product is 'variable' - do nothing */

if ($current_imported_product->get_type()=='variable')  return false;

if ($current_imported_product->get_type()=='variation') {

    /* get parent product object */

        $product_variation_parent = wc_get_product($current_imported_product->get_parent_id());

    /* if only one child - do nothing */

        if (sizeof($product_variation_parent->get_children())==1) return false;

    /* if more than one child */

        if (sizeof($product_variation_parent->get_children())>1) {

            echo 'Parent ID: '.$product_variation_parent->get_id().'<br>'; //Echoes correct product ID

            //get parent product attributes

            $product_variation_parent_attributes = $product_variation_parent->get_attributes();

            pr2($product_variation_parent_attributes); //print_r - Some attributes ['option'] values are missing

            foreach ( $product_variation_parent_attributes as $key => $attribute ):

                //TODO - process attributes - if count of the sizeofattribute['option'] array is one then set attribute['variation'] from 1 to 0

add_action('pmxi_saved_post', 'one_attribute_value', 10, 1);

Then I ran wc_get_product(hardcoded parent_product_id) on the single product page of that same product the attributes array is correct.

Results are here:
results of the example

How is it possible to get correct product object the running pmxi_saved_post action?

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