Warning: Missing argument 2 for WC_Memberships_Member_Discounts


How do I cope with “Warning: Missing argument 2 for WC_Memberships_Member_Discounts” At first I only installed a shipping method, and then I tried to shopping and the error occurs. But when resuming “Place Order” successful booking.

Warning: Missing argument 2

Problems in the following line of code:

    public function refresh_cart_upon_member_login( $user_login, $user ) {

    // small "hack" to trigger a refresh in cart contents
    // that will set any membership discounts to products that apply
    if ( $user_login && wc_memberships_is_user_active_member( $user, null, false ) ) {


The following php code http://pastebin.com/mcHYTd27 (See Line 1309)

Please Help Me Thanks ^_^

, Rangga Setiaga 7 months 0 Answers 104 views 0

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