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I’ve faced one really annoying “bug” on my production website. I’ve recently migrated to a new hosting, things went fine, then this issue started showing up.

YES, I was googling for past 3 days in order to fix this issue, and not a single solution helped.


When I try to edit some post, or try to add a new – I get no Visual editor, only the button Add Media is shown up.
I can not add text. Also, plain HTML editor doesn’t work as well.

The whole thing looks like this:

enter image description here

What I’ve tried:

  • Disabled plugins
  • Switched theme Cleared cache & cookies
  • Switched browser
  • Repaired DB
  • Enabled Debugging – no errors
  • Checked logs – no issues with PHP
  • Reinstalled the whole Control Panel
  • Tried various solutions from WP forums -Nothing.

I believe it is somehow Control Panel related, because when I created a subdomain, ran the installation with the latest WP version – I faced the same issues.

Same version works with no prob’s on my localhost.

  • WP version: 4.7.2
  • PHP 5.6

Any suggestion guys, I am really desperate..

For some reason – seems it is fixed now. I disabled all plugins, and enabled one by one while refreshing post page, checking does something breaks.
Not sure can this be considered as a fix, because I did the same couple of times.
Thanks for help!

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