Using wp-cli to run WP All Import


So my client has multiple imports running over cron using WP All Import and for one import you need to trigger it and then process.

Now as it should be much faster over WP-CLI I set it up, I can see all-import command is available and ready to use. And I will be executing cron over shell script not over URl like the client has done now.

From the plugin documentation the only command is:

all-import run <import id>

Does this mean I just have to run it and I don’t need to trigger or process it?
The other problem is that the client page has like 14 imports doing this every hour. He doesn’t want me to build custom code for it and I’m stuck with WP All Import ( and more to come ).

So, am I right about using all-import over CLI and how should I manage those multiple imports so they wouldn’t slow the website?

Thank you

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