User role conflicts


Thanks for reviewing, I am setting up a site for a client with 2 plugins for users to post classifieds. I was not able to locate 1 plugin to list the content the way the customer wants so I installed 2, each with its own set of options.

Logging is now an issue, as one of the plugins has altered the core roles adding new user types. I was considering setting up another instance of the site to split up the user issue thinking, in the long run, this may also remove any special coding and may help out with updates etc.

I did try some role extender and member plugins, still not really behaving as needed.

The idea would be to show the classifieds listings from site #2 on site #1 in Iframe or other embed.

Subdomain, or sub-folder under the root folder??

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

, Michael 2 years 2019-12-27T11:34:24-05:00 0 Answers 77 views 0

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